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Why I fell in love with Caramoan

20140625-211152-76312404.jpg With its pristine waters, white sand beaches and the awesome views who wouldn’t fall in love with the place. Although I had to endure such a long and tiring trip before reaching this beautiful place, all of that was worth it. I think had it been that easy to reach, it would now be as commercialized as Boracay which I would say had rob it of it natural beauty. I was there 2001 and again 2012 and I was quite disappointed as it was very crowded and having so many resorts at such a small island didn’t help either. Continue reading Why I fell in love with Caramoan


Only words

Often times we hear the phrase “stick and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” I beg to disagree with this notion, probably if those words were randoms words put together but it is a totally different scenario when those words are pieced together to create a hurtful phrase or sentence.

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More Phoneography

I was looking through some of the old photos I have on my hard drive and I found these shots that I have not published yet and all were taken using an iPhone 4S. I thought I should go ahead and share these photos after I got some great feedback from my other post about Phoneography.

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Much needed vacation

After almost a decade of not having a vacation, I just had one recently compliments of my niece who came over from Spain to the Philippines for her own vacation. Had she not paid for it, I would still not have this much needed break. Continue reading Much needed vacation