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Why I fell in love with Caramoan

20140625-211152-76312404.jpg With its pristine waters, white sand beaches and the awesome views who wouldn’t fall in love with the place. Although I had to endure such a long and tiring trip before reaching this beautiful place, all of that was worth it. I think had it been that easy to reach, it would now be as commercialized as Boracay which I would say had rob it of it natural beauty. I was there 2001 and again 2012 and I was quite disappointed as it was very crowded and having so many resorts at such a small island didn’t help either. Continue reading Why I fell in love with Caramoan


Churches:Manila Cathedral

Inside the newly renovated Manila Cathedral
Inside the newly renovated Manila Cathedral

The newly-renovated Manila Cathedral was opened to the public just in time for the observance by the Filipino Catholics of the Holy Week. It was worth the long wait.

The pipe organ of the newly-renovated Manila Cathedral

It was difficult to get a decent shot of the cathedral as a lot of people are always in the shot, besides getting bumped while focusing. Since my usual practice is to compose the shot before hitting the button, just like a film photographer, it took me some time to get these shots. Though from the shots that I got, it was all worth it.

The inside of the Manila Cathedral after renovations
The inside of the Manila Cathedral after renovations

So if ever you are in Metro Manila or visiting the Philippines, don’t forget to visit this church. It is in Intramuros, Manila and if you are a tourist and this place is not in your itinerary, ask your tour guide to add this place as part of your tour. Besides it is very near Fort Santiago also in Intramuros, Manila which is a regular on any tour.

Photos taken with a Canon EOS 600D and Canon EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5USM lens.

When in Manila


If you ever had a chance to visit the Philippines I bet you have been to this place or if you are planning to then this is one place that should be on your itinerary. If you still don’t know where this is, it is the Manila Cathedral in Intramuros, Manila. Across it is Fort Santiago, a fort built during the Spanish occupation of the Philippines which you should also include in your tour.

Though when I went there to take this photo it was closed for renovation although it is still an interesting site to visit with all its history, though I suggest if you can afford it have a guided tour of the whole place. An advice to foreign tourists, have your hotel or travel agent set it up for you as I saw a lot of locals pestering foreign tourists to get their services as tour guides. I don’t have anything against them but wouldn’t you want to have your money’s worth and having an authorized tour guide also ensures you get only the correct facts.

There are other interesting places in the Philippines even just within Metro Manila only but for safety and security reasons my advice is to plan ahead and get a local tour guide that has Department of Tourism accreditation or better yet if you know someone from the Philippines ask him if he can accompany you or recommend someone who can. You might have to pay them for their time but it is much better that taking the risk of getting lost or coming across unscrupulous individuals and they can point you to places not on the usual tourist’s map. That is what I have been doing whenever my American in-laws would visit the Philippines.

Photo taken with a Canon EOS 600D with a Canon EF-S 18-135mm/f.3.5-5.6 zoom lens.