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Project 52 – Week 8 Landscapes

My interest with photography started with the goal of capturing a scene that for me was pleasing to the eyes and must be shared with the world. Using the only camera that I had back then, a point-and-shoot camera if you have to know, I started taking photos of places I visited or passed by.

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Project 52 – Week 5 Silhouettes

One of the rules in photography is not to take a photo with the light behind the subject but there are instances when breaking that rule produces great results. Called silhouettes, it is when the main light, natural or artificial, is behind the subject. Continue reading Project 52 – Week 5 Silhouettes

An afternoon at Fort Santiago


I spent most of the afternoon at Fort Santiago in Intramuros, Manila yesterday and aside from meeting new folks, I also took some shots for posting here at Retrato Manila. This is my first try at HDR photography and hopefully it passes your critique. There were a lot of foreign tourist there yesterday and it was hot especially for those coming from Canada where they told me it is winter there. I advised them to take lots of fluid during their trip so as not to get dehydrated and try to stay in the shade as much as possible. More of these encounters in my other blog, http://www.istikonline.com/meeting-people-through-photography/. I took some more photos but I didn’t like how it turned out in HDR.

Photos taken with a Canon 600D fitted with an Canon EF-S 18-135mm IS lens.