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Project 52 Weeks – Week 1 Happy Child

I am starting a new project this year, one photo for each week for the whole year hence PROJECT 52. Each week I would be publishing a photo or photos with a specific theme and for this week it would be Happy Child.

I took this photo during one of the events, actually the last event, I got to cover for 2014. It is his first birthday and this was before the party started when guests were just starting to arrive. Although they say that child photography is one of the most difficult genre, I find it very fulfilling. Unlike working with adults or models where you can give out instructions, with child photography you have to be very patient to get the shot and create an atmosphere that would make the child comfortable with the camera.

One time, even before we began shooting, I got told by the child right to my face that she doesn’t want to have her pictures taken by me. It was a good thing that the child’s mother thought about faking it so that it would seem she was the one taking pictures using her cellphone. After the shoot and the child saw her photos, she can’t wait to have another session with me.

For 2015 I would like to do more of these, covering a child’s birthday, baptism or other special occassions. I could also do a photo shoot that can be used for whatever purposes the child’s parents would see fit.

Child photography might be difficult but for me it is the most fulfilling.

Photo taken with Canon EOS 600D with Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II lens.




Difficulty with Glamor Photography

In a country that is predominantly Roman Catholic and a society that is conservative and traditional, glamor photography is very difficult to execute. Compared to the Western societies where they are more open-minded with this kind of photography, here in the Philippines photographers have hurdles to overcome when undertaking a glamor photo shoot and here are a couple of the most common. Continue reading Difficulty with Glamor Photography

All Natural Female Form

Model: Jhoy Ortiz
Model: Jhoy Ortiz

I did a photo shoot recently with Jhoy Ortiz with the theme of glamour/erotic/boudoir in Batangas with a couple of my friends who are also into photography as a hobby.  This kind of photo shoots is rare for hobbyist, having a model who had previously posed for men’s magazine and appeared in indie movies so when this opportunity came my way I quickly grab it. Having a professional model during a shoot especially one like this makes it easier for a photographer like me to get these shots.

Model: Jhoy Ortiz
Model: Jhoy Ortiz

Recently there was an uproar regarding to what extent some advertisers are doing to alter the looks of their models using Photoshop.  I think it was that of a big US retail store chain that called the attention of the public when they bungled the alteration of the model on their ad. It was so glaring that even regular folks can see the changes that was made to the model. I never used Photoshop to edit images that I took of models. What I use is Adobe Lightroom to do just the basic post-processing, adjustment of contrast, white-balance, recovery of shadows, conversion to black and white, things like that.


I don’t know about other countries but here in the Philippines, it is very difficult to have models do this kind of shoots. If done correctly, the purpose of this shoot is to make the model or client look and feel beautiful especially if they are not professional models. I might have another photo shoot like this before the end of summer here in the Philippines. If you want to set one up with me, contact me.

Let’s do a photo shoot here


In my almost 40 years of existence, I’ve been to this park only once when I was asked by a pianist friend to cover his concert inside the chapel and it was at night so I really didn’t see the details of this place. So last Saturday I thought of visiting this place and take some shots myself after seeing some photos on my friend’s Facebook account. Upon entering the gate I saw a lot of photographers, amateurs and pros, having open photo shoots all around the park. It made me smile as I found another place where photographers can shoot their hearts out without being hassled by security. Here I saw photographers with their gears freely allowed to do photo shoots with their models wherever they want to. Now I got another place to shoot besides the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife in Quezon City.


I plan to do some photo shoot here when I have the time. Most probably after I am done with my shoot at Alta Rios Resort and Conference Center on April 9 and 11. Though I plan to do it on a weekday and hopefully they allow it on those days.