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Project 52 – Week 8 Landscapes

My interest with photography started with the goal of capturing a scene that for me was pleasing to the eyes and must be shared with the world. Using the only camera that I had back then, a point-and-shoot camera if you have to know, I started taking photos of places I visited or passed by.

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Churches: San Agustin Church | Places

As a continuation of the churches I visited during the observance of the Holy Week in the Philippines, San Agustin Church in Manila is the oldest stone church in the Philippines. Located inside the historic walled city of Intramuros in Manila and very near the Manila Cathedral.

Inside the San Agustin Church in Manila

It is one of the churches constructed during the Spanish colonial era and was designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site with three other under the title Baroque Churches of the Philippines. It is a Roman Catholic church and is run by the Order of St. Augustine.

Altar of San Agustin Church
Altar of San Agustin Church

It is also one of popular wedding churches in Manila, and I even attended one wedding of a close friend at this Church. I even was asking my other friend who was with me why our friend chose this church instead of the Manila Cathedral which is where most celebrities had their weddings and which is in the same vicinity.  Though when I entered the church and saw the intricate designs, I understood why my friend and his bride chose this particular church.

People praying inside the San Agustin Church during the Holy Week
People praying inside the San Agustin Church during the Holy Week

For a church built in 1586 and completed in 1606, I am amazed that it is still standing, surviving the bombings of World War II and natural calamities like earthquakes. I think you can credit that to the design of the church, taking into account that Manila has frequent earthquakes.

Adjacent to the church is the monastery that was converted in 1973 to house religious artifacts and art treasures dating as far back as early 16th century. I plan on going back there one day and see these for myself. Hopefully they allow taking photos.

It was quite difficult to get a decent shot while I was there as the church was filled with people praying and also taking photos of the church as well using their cellphones, tablets, point-and-shoot and DSLRs.