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Project 52 – Week 7 All The Small Things

Wouldn’t you want to see objects we come across everyday from a totally different perspective? Seeing a whole new world within our world. Macro photography gives us an opportunity to do just that. Continue reading Project 52 – Week 7 All The Small Things


Project 52 Weeks – Week 2 Light

In photography having the correct light is important and it is often use to add drama to the scene. As photographer we are taught of going for proper or correct exposure but that is not always the case. Here is one photo that I took of the inside of a chapel.

Here I went for the shot that highlights the altar using only the light coming from the window above the altar and from those coming from the roof. Having no tripod with me as this was an unplanned trip, I had to use the slowest shutter settings possible without producing camera shake. I still wanted to produce the effect of bringing the focus of the one looking at the photograph to the subject which is the altar.
This is the chapel viewed from the outside just to illustrate how harsh the light during the time I was taking the shot inside. This one I had to again make changes to my camera settings since more light is available, not doing so will leave me with an overexposed photograph.
What I learned during my almost three years in photography is that although we strive to get the correct exposure, sometimes breaking that rule produces good or even great photographs. This things you would not learn unless you get out with your camera and keep shooting.
Photo taken using Canon EOS 70D with a Canon EFS 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 USM at Chapel On The Hill in Batulao, Batangas.

Child Photography: Most Challenging, Most Fulfilling

Besides landscape photography, I like doing child photography because of the challenges that it gives me as a photographer. Unlike doing fashion photo shoots or even sexy photo shoots, a child will not hold a pose for the photographer or will have a pose ready to shoot. Instead it is the job of the photographer to have a keen eye, an accommodating outlook and a quick trigger finger to capture that shot, that perfect moment.

Playing during the shoot
Playing during the shoot
Be patient

Just like the scene of the photo below, it might look staged but it was not as I have to follow the movement of these two and let them do what they would normally do to get this shot. Kids will be playful and they will have their tantrums and sometimes get sleepy during a photo shoot so as a photographer I have learned to be patient. So I parent would ask me how long will a photo shoot take and my reply would be I normally don’t set a time or how many hours a photo shoot will last as these factors are dependent on the child.

Seeing each other again
Seeing each other again
Best time

Another thing that I had learned with child photography is that the best time to have a photo shoot with a child is right after they awoke from sleep. Though this is easier when the shoot will be indoors but when it is done outdoors which I prefer, more planning on the part of the photographer is required as more factors are to be considered. A child will get easily irritated when it is already hot and as a photographer I don’t like doing a shoot when the sun is at its peak or almost at its peak as this gives a too harsh of a light and also produces very dark shadows on the subject.

Innocence of a child
Innocence of a child

Now after all that you might ask why I still like doing child photography and my answer would be the fulfillment of getting these kinds of shots. Shots that would capture these moments, moments that will not be repeated again. The satisfaction that I see on the parents faces when I deliver the photos to them is another bonus that I get when doing child photography. Knowing that they will have something to look back to when their kids are all grown up and has lives of their own is also one of the factors that drives me to get the best shots as possible.

Photography on a rainy day


Its another rainy day in the city and most of the time it usually dampens my day, for it keeps me indoor and I can’t take photos as much as I can when the sun is out and shining. Being in the tropics I have to learn to live with the reality that our weather is unpredictable. Though sometimes I have this urge to take shots but it’s rainy outside, so what to do?

Shoot under a cover

Yup, very simple. You can do it under an umbrella though that poses another challenge having to hold the umbrella on one hand and shoot with the other. Though if you have a camera bag that is on your back you can try to rig the handle of the umbrella to your bag. You can also shoot under a roof or an awning, though I usually use my telephoto lens when I do take shots. I usually take photos of raindrops on objects or the expression of people have on their faces when it rains.

Go macro

That is another option as you can do it indoors. You can go and take photos of items like your collections or if you have plants indoors take a shot of the leaves or petals of the flower. Sometimes I take product shots during the rainy days.

Those are just a couple of ways to keep shooting even if it is raining outside.