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Why I fell in love with Caramoan

20140625-211152-76312404.jpg With its pristine waters, white sand beaches and the awesome views who wouldn’t fall in love with the place. Although I had to endure such a long and tiring trip before reaching this beautiful place, all of that was worth it. I think had it been that easy to reach, it would now be as commercialized as Boracay which I would say had rob it of it natural beauty. I was there 2001 and again 2012 and I was quite disappointed as it was very crowded and having so many resorts at such a small island didn’t help either. Continue reading Why I fell in love with Caramoan


Sexy Summer Wear | Photo Shoot

Finally it is that time to hit the beach! Summer time is always the best time to flaunt your body, especially if you have gone through the paces of getting back in shape and what better way to show the results than to wear something sexy when you hit the beach. Continue reading Sexy Summer Wear | Photo Shoot