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Project 52 – Week 6 Weddings


This coming May 17, 2015 would be my third year of taking photography into another level. What started as taking photos with my iPhone 4S of people, places and things which I thought was interesting and that I wanted to share to the world through this website, I followed the advice of my high school principal and got myself my first DSLR, Canon EOS 600D that came with a EFS 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 kit lens, and the rest as they say is history. Continue reading Project 52 – Week 6 Weddings


Difficulty with Glamor Photography

In a country that is predominantly Roman Catholic and a society that is conservative and traditional, glamor photography is very difficult to execute. Compared to the Western societies where they are more open-minded with this kind of photography, here in the Philippines photographers have hurdles to overcome when undertaking a glamor photo shoot and here are a couple of the most common. Continue reading Difficulty with Glamor Photography

Sexy Summer Wear | Photo Shoot

Finally it is that time to hit the beach! Summer time is always the best time to flaunt your body, especially if you have gone through the paces of getting back in shape and what better way to show the results than to wear something sexy when you hit the beach. Continue reading Sexy Summer Wear | Photo Shoot

Where is the love

It has been a while since I last posted something on this blog and for those who follow this blog I extend my sincerest apology.


I saw this old man begging for alms on one of my photo walks in Quezon City and I felt sorry that not one soul even bothered to stop and gave him some change. I couldn’t blame them, there have been cases wherein people have been duped into giving alms to these folks only to find out later on that either they are not really poor or money given to them to buy food was instead spent on buying solvents. Though it is not always the case, the distrust have made it more difficult for ordinary folks to give whatever change they can spare.

Though I remember during my college years one of my professor, who is also a priest, told us that it doesn’t matter how the money you gave to the beggar was spent, what is important is that you have done your Christian duties. Some may reason that giving to charity foundations maybe the safest way for their donation to reach its intended recipients but let’s face it, not every beggar on the streets receives help from these foundations and most likely not on a daily basis.

Honestly, I tend to go with my gut feel if I should or should not part with my spare change whenever I come across such folks.  How about you? Leave a comment.

Photo taken with Canon EOS 600D with EFS 50mm/f1.8 prime lens.