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Appreciating beauty

Nice Scuplture at Bonifacio High StreetBeauty is in the eye of the beholder.

In simpler terms, to each his own. What may be beautiful for me may not be the same to you and vice-versa. Take for example this fountain in the middle of a mall, others may just pass by it and see it as nothing but that, a fountain and it is not even working. Continue reading Appreciating beauty


Love at sunset

Love at sunsetI got some feedback on my post Famous sunset specifically pointing out why sunsets are romantic for couples. Since this site is safe for work, I won’t delve into the specifics. Continue reading Love at sunset

Famous sunset

Famous Manila Bay SunsetA college bud of mine who now resides in Canada suggested that I take a photo of the famous Manila Bay sunset and last Saturday I waited for it at the back of the Mall of Asia.

I was never for sunsets as I like the sunrise more and they say that it is romantic to watch the sun setting, something I can’t relate to for I never took a date to see the sunset and I am currently single as I took this photo but I guess it really is romantic as I saw a lot of couples watching the event. I’ll probably try it on my next date. Note to self: Continue reading Famous sunset