Project 52 – Week 7 All The Small Things

Wouldn’t you want to see objects we come across everyday from a totally different perspective? Seeing a whole new world within our world. Macro photography gives us an opportunity to do just that.

Macro photography is seeing things in extreme close-up using special lenses or lens attachments like extension tubes, close-up filters or even DIY solutions. Macro lenses lets you shoot from a much closer distance than most lenses will let you. Since these are special lenses they are expensive but I think Canon has lowered the prices of many of their lenses.

Composition is still important in macro photography as you want your photo to create the maximum impact. I still followed the rules of thirds and selective focusing when I am doing macro photography. Most of my subjects in macro photography are plants.

Whenever I am going to take photos of plants or flowers to be more specific, I would normally do it very early in the morning when you can see some dew on them. I would also do it right after some rainfall or brief showers since droplets would be present. For me it adds a certain element to the totality of the photograph, conveying life.

Of course you can’t control the weather and you certainly won’t wait for the next rain to come and we all know the difficulty in waking up so early in the morning. So what I would do is bring a spray bottle filled with water and spray a few times the plants that is my subject creating the effect that I was after.

Though some might want to take up macro photography but are put off by the cost of buying a new lens, these photos were taken using my Canon EOS 600D with a EF-S 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS kit lens fitted with a close-up filter.


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