Project 52 – Week 3 Color or Black & White

We humans sees the world in color, in all its vibrance hence the concept of going black and white is something out of the ordinary although if I am not mistaken first photographs were in black and white. The advancement of technology brought us color photographs first in film and now in digital.

In landscape photography it is always preferable to capture scenes in full color and vibrance. I say preferred because there are scenes which are for me is almost as stunning in black and white as it is in color. There are also instances that removing the colors would put more emphasis on the subject.

Same scene but rendered in black and white in post-process using Adobe Lightroom. When I saw this scene my first thought was the pattern of the clouds and how the rays of the sun is shining through. That thought is better emphasized in the black and white photograph as now devoid with color, focus is now on the cloud pattern and sun’s rays.

Here is a photo of a Harley-Davidson motorbike on display at a trade fair. The photo for me is okay and even though the bike is the focus of the photograph, the other details in the background with all the colors, there is the tendency to lose focus.

Now that it is in black and white not only had the process made it more classic looking, it also made the motorcycle to be the main focus of the photograph. Since Harley Davidson motorcycles are comes in black and chrome combination, rendering it in black and white put more emphasis on that concept.

Keep in mind that not all photos are beautiful in better in black and white, so don’t go and change most if not all your photos to black and white. There are scenes that are best kept in color.

Photos taken with a Canon EOS 70D fitted with a Canon EFS 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 lens.


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