A Different kind of shot


In this basketball-crazy country I am one who as a kid dreamt of making it big as a professional basketball player, not just for the fame but for the financial rewards that came with it. Sadly, I never got to lived that dream but I continued playing basketball just for the love of the game. Though injuries I sustained during games and even practices made me play less and less of it until I made the decision this year that I am out of playing competitive basketball.


Each year my high school batch would join our alma mater’s alumni basketball league and I would play and contribute whatever I can on-court. This year I passed up the opportunity to play and instead told my batch that I would make my contribution to the team off-court. I would be making shots from the sidelines – with my camera.


So with my only camera, a Canon EOS 600D fitted with a Canon 18-135mm/f3.5-5.6 IS kit lens, I set out to take the best shots. The lighting in our school gym was so poor, it was like shooting with natural light only, so I had to bump up my ISO. I had no choice since I would be taking action shots I had to set my shutter speed fast enough to avoid or even minimize blurring. This introduced noise to the photos and although I can minimize it on post process, I liked how it turned out.



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