Why I fell in love with Caramoan

20140625-211152-76312404.jpg With its pristine waters, white sand beaches and the awesome views who wouldn’t fall in love with the place. Although I had to endure such a long and tiring trip before reaching this beautiful place, all of that was worth it. I think had it been that easy to reach, it would now be as commercialized as Boracay which I would say had rob it of it natural beauty. I was there 2001 and again 2012 and I was quite disappointed as it was very crowded and having so many resorts at such a small island didn’t help either. 20140625-212019-76819111.jpg Anybody who had seen the reality TV series Survivor would know that the islands of Caramoan has been used as one of their locations. It has also help promote Caramoan to be one of the place to visit during summer here in the Philippines. Although if you are looking for a place where there is life after sunset then you are better off in Boracay, but if you want to have a laid-back and relaxing vacation and longed for that peace and quiet then this is the place.

20140625-213039-77439262.jpg You love white sand beaches? Although Boracay has its long white beach, all of the islands in Caramoan has it too. One thing I experienced in Caramoan that I had not in Boracay is that I can stand in the middle of the sea and the water would be knee-high. It happens during low tide and as part of the island-hopping tour you could go to these places and even have your lunch at a sandbar. Though my advice is to get yourself checked-in at Casita Mia Resort. Why? They have the best accomodation at a budget-friendly price and this was the only vacation I took where I gained some weight. Besides I saw some of the contestants of Survivor Europe staying there, so that says a lot about the place.



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