Difficulty with Glamor Photography

In a country that is predominantly Roman Catholic and a society that is conservative and traditional, glamor photography is very difficult to execute. Compared to the Western societies where they are more open-minded with this kind of photography, here in the Philippines photographers have hurdles to overcome when undertaking a glamor photo shoot and here are a couple of the most common.

Model: Shey Gonzales
Model: Shey Gonzales
Finding a model

This is the most difficult task to accomplish for a photographer who wants to do a glamor photo shoot in the Philippines. There are models who are willing to do this type of photo shoot but they demand a very high talent fee (TF), which is way out of range for most non-commercial photographers like me. What I do is look for models that would be agree with Time For Print (TFP ) arrangement or here we call them X-Deal for exchange deal.

Model: Shey Gonzales
Model: Shey Gonzales
Outdoor or Indoor

Location, location, location – just like in real estate, finding the right place to do the photo shoot is essential. Normally this kind of photo shoots are done indoors. Studio shoots are common, you can rent a studio for as low as 250 pesos and use their equipment for the shoot. Sometimes checking in a hotel would be the next best option although there is a possibility of having problems when publishing the photo without the permission of the hotel management.


The challenge of doing a sexy photo shoot outdoors are finding a model willing to do a sexy photo shoot outdoors, a secluded location where someone not involve in the shoot would be very minimal, and of course the trek of going to the location. I say keep the equipment at the bare minimum probably one camera body and a couple of lenses plus an off-camera flash.


2 thoughts on “Difficulty with Glamor Photography”

  1. Require a photographer to create a fashion model’s portfolio. Need about 10 – 15 photos.

    Do you have studio at Theresa street. Am living on Osmena street. Please text back to arrange an opportunity to discuss further.


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