Sexy Summer Wear | Photo Shoot

Finally it is that time to hit the beach! Summer time is always the best time to flaunt your body, especially if you have gone through the paces of getting back in shape and what better way to show the results than to wear something sexy when you hit the beach.

Sexy doesn’t have to be revealing.
It does not have to be revealing.

I don’t subscribe to the notion that showing more skin would make you look more sexy. In my opinion as a guy, showing skin out in the beach but still not wearing something revealing would be sexier and keep the guys guessing. You will be the mysterious girl and I think that makes you more attractive.

Wear something to hide that tummy.
I don’t have a flat tummy!

So are the rest of I guess 90% of the women population. Unless you are a model, celebrity or a fitness buff and has been keeping tabs on her diet, chances are you don’t have that flat tummy that you always wanted. It has always been the biggest problem of women keeping the bulges, especially around the mid-section, away. Don’t worry, if after doing everything and still you don’t have that flat stomach that you desire you can wear something to hide it while out in the beach. Wear something on top of your bikini just like the one above would hide that extra pounds but still look sexy.

Flaunt that tummy
Flaunt that tummy
I am confident enough!

Then tie the knot! Ops! I mean you tie the front of the dress into a knot to make it a mid-riff, that way you can flaunt that tummy that you have been sweating your butt off at the gym and by watching the number of calories you have in a day. Though if you have enough confidence and you think you can pass it off then go ahead and do the same.

So whether you have that mid-section or not by the time you hit the beach, don’t let it stop you from having fun this summer!

Photo taken with Canon EOS 600D and Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II lens.
Model: Shey Gonzales


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