2 becomes 1


For those of you who are familiar with the Spice Girls then you know that the title of this post is also the title of one of their hit songs. Though they carry the same title, they don’t carry the same message as the song is about togetherness this post talks about the opposite – separation.

Though there are many kinds of separation, I would focus on relationships or in short split-ups. Boyfriend and girlfriend, husband and wife those kinds of relationship that are very common nowadays. If you haven’t experience it yet or knew someone who did then at the very least you would have read it on the paper or seen it on TV when celebrities announce their split or divorce with their partner.

Separation is very common in our society today that it is normally passed off as nothing out of the ordinary. It is so common that those of older generation can help but notice how easily the young ones would give up and not try to work hard to try and save their relationship. I beg to differ as there are still those who would try their very best to hold on to a relationship and sacrifice as much as they could but what is different between then and now is that now rather that both parties suffer in a relationship they would choose to go their separate ways.

Although it is sad whenever a relationship that started so good would end in a break-up, I think this is better rather than being together just for the sake of keeping the relationship intact but where once there was love, it is now hate and disdain that resides in each others hearts. I am not saying that one should easily give up, I still think that a lot of hard work should be put in saving a relationship, but when there is no more love but only hate, then I think it is time to walk away.

Photo taken at the back of the SM Mall of Asia with a Canon EOS 600D (T3i), Canon18-135mm EF/S lens.


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