From one generation to the next


Don’t just give them fish instead teach them how to fish.

While I was on a trip I saw this father and son fishing early one morning with the father teaching his son how to catch fish. Though this is not like the usual fishing trip which is more for recreation but rather of putting food on the table. Yes, they need to catch something if not eat it themselves or would sell it in the wet market.

I am not a father yet but I have a dad that from a very young aged thought me the value of reading and writing. He used to have this Reader’s Digest magazines that he would have me read from cover to cover. At first I would just read the short stories and articles just to satisfy my Dad but as I got older I couldn’t go to sleep without reading. My Dad taught me other things as well from how to fly a kite to how to handle and shoot a gun but for me it is still how he opened my eyes to the wonderful world of reading that is on top of my list. The knowledge that I got from reading is what is putting food on the table.

How about you, do you remember what your Dad taught you as a kid that in a way is helping you right now as a grown-up? If you don’t mind sharing it, you can leave it on the comments section.

Taken with a Canon 600D with an 18-135 EF/S IS kit lens at Club Balai Isabel, Talisay, Batangas.


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