Sadness that befell


In one’s lifetime there will always be ups and downs, happiness and sadness but would you know what hapiness is if you had not experienced sadness? Would you know when you are up when you were never down?

There are many ways we experience sadness in this life, from the time we were young until we say our last goodbye to this world. Remember the first time you lost in a game when you were still a kid, how painful it was? Mine was when I was playing basketball in my grade school days last shot opportunity after the coach called a timeout and I was designated to take the winning shot with 5 seconds remaining. I got the ball, drove to the basket but was met with a double team and time was winding down so I took the shot anyway it but fell short and we lost the game and the chance of being the champion.

There are other instances in our life when we experience sadness, losing your favorite pet, losing a love one, and the first time you get your heart broken.  In each of those event it felt like it is the end of the world, as if there is no way we can recover but if you are reading this I bet you have recovered from those sad points in your life.

There will always be sad points in our lifetime but what matters is we get to recover and how quickly we get to turn that frown upside-down.

Photo taken at the back of the SM Mall of Asia with a Canon 600D and an 18-135 mm EF-S 18-135mm IS lens.


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