Time to relax


I just saw on the news that most health problems that is prevalent in today’s society are stress-related. I am not saying that it is the only cause but I think being under a lot of stress also weaken our immune system thus making us more prone to sickness.

Just like the kid in the photo above back then we also had no care about anything except that which concerns us like food when we are hungry, toys when we want to play and of course playtime with our playmates. Though the responsibilities of adulthood makes it nearly impossible to accomplish the same, probably we can dial down our fast-paced life and award ourselves with a little rest and recreation from time to time.

Although the average lifespan has been lengthen with the advances in science and technology, have it also lessen the quality of life? Leave your comment.

Photo taken with Canon EOS 600D with a Canon EF-S 50mm/f1.8 lens.


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