World of innocence


I remember one of my professor in high school commented that in a society filled with evil and corruption what might be needed is a reboot. He mentioned that current social and political leaders have already been exposed to the evils of society it would be very difficult to clean up the mess that past leaders had left behind.

For me it is not only those who leads us that should be blamed for what we see as evils of society, every individual who commits them are also to blame. Corruption is not only prevalent in public offices but also in private companies. It is not only limited to huge transactions but also to small individual actions. Appropriating office supplies for personal use is one common form of corruption that is present in both private and public sectors.

I guess if we want the world to go back to when it was filled with innocence then a total reboot should be made similar to one Nicolas Cage movie I saw. The world was destroyed but alien beings selected children to be transported to another world where they can start all over again.

Photo taken with a Canon EOS 600D with a Canon EF-S 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS lens.


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