More iPhoneography

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Here are some more photos I took with my iPhone 4S using Camera+ replacement camera app and post-processing with Snapseed. I have been getting some positive reviews from my Instagram account so I thought I share these photos here as well.

Since I got the iPhone 4S already and after hearing about the reportedly purple haze on photos taken with the iPhone 5, I guess if I should ever think of upgrading I should wait for the iPhone 5S or whatever will be the next one. I am fine with the photos that my phone gives me even if it could only do up to ISO 800 compared to what Apple says the iPhone 5 low light capability of ISO 3200.

Those who are interested in going into iPhoneography again there are groups in Facebook like iPhoneography where I am a member or the group that I put up Phoneography, which is open to any smartphone not just to iPhone users, that you can join and get some pointers and tips.

You can leave a comment or question if you need some clarification.


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