Hang time

I remember during my younger years having a BMX bike and being able to do tricks with it or jump it over a ramp was the cool thing and there were no helmets or safety gears back then. Nowadays I only see a few of these BMX riders and fewer still performing stunts on their bikes here in the Philippines. Are BMX riders a dying breed?

I was at the back of the SM Mall of Asia last Sunday and I able to catch this event, sponsored by Cobra Energy drink, wherein they have this ramps and bars set-up where BMX riders can do their thing. It brought back memories of my childhood although I never get to do it in public or face the consequence of my dad’s belt or my mom’s piece of wood on my butt. So when I try to learn and do these tricks I only do it alone, and when I do have an accident I just tell them that I fell or I trip while running.

Makes me wonder what I could had accomplished, maybe not with my BMX bike but probably other stuff that I did in secret like mountain climbing had my parents’ not been so controlling.

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Photo taken with a Canon EOS 600D with a Canon 50mm f/1.8 II lens.


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