Caring for another

It is part and parcel of being human to care for another. It could be a parent or parents to a child, a child to a parent or parents, a husband and a wife, and even friends.

There is a long time saying or quote, “no man is an island” and I think this holds true to most if not all human being as it would be very difficult to exist in this world without caring for someone or someone caring for you. It would be one lonely journey living a life with no one to care for or the other way around. Imagine yourself going through all the joys and the pains in life without someone to share it with.

You may all the riches, the awards, the accolades in life but would it matter when you got no one to share it with? Coming home to an empty house? What about those times when you are down and troubled and you have no one to share it with? No shoulder to cry one? No one to even just listen as you pour your heart out?

Everybody needs someone.

Photo taken with Canon EOS 600D with 50mm f/1.8 II lens.


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