Sight to behold

This view is a site to behold these days as Metro Manila has been experiencing rains and cloudy skies. Taken from the roof deck of my house last July 23, 2012 as the sun rises and greets everyone with its light and warmth signalling the start of a new day and of hope.

They say that the sunset is more romantic than the sunrise but for others they are just the same if you happen to spend it with the one person you love. Some people says that sunset is romantic in such a way that more than always it is usually after sunset that romance truly begins. Though other people says that they like the sunrise as it signals the start of the day and on the romantic side, nothing beats waking up with that special someone right besides you. 

Opinions may differ and whatever side you are on, I can only say that I don’t care as long as it stops raining already. Really tough to get a decent photo when it is raining outside and your camera is not weather-proof. It usually rains in the afternoon making it more difficult to get shots just before sunset or the “golden hour.”

Which side are you on?

Photo taken with a Canon EOS 600D with 18-135mm kit lens.


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