Not like it used to be

Shoe Repairman

I found this photo among those I have already uploaded and have not used in any of my posting, WordPress terms them as unattached media files. It is timely that I write something about how things are not like how they used to be.

I approached this shoe repairman during one of my walks, which I seldom have the time for nowadays, started a conversation and asked him if I can take a photo of him while he was working to use for one of my write-ups. He gladly said yes and so I asked him how his business of shoe repair is faring with all these cheap knock-off shoes coming from China that people now tend to just throw these away rather than have it repair. He replied that though it is not as big as it used to be, and I can attest to this as there are fewer number of them now doing this type of work, there are still those who have their shoes repaired usually having the soles of their shoes stitched.

I was looking for my basketball shoes that I only used for less than 10 games a couple of days ago because I was asked to suit up and play for my high school batch in the alumni league. I am not really a good basketball player and I rarely played after college so I was having second thoughts, but I was told I would be only playing for some minutes and only be there to complete the line-up so I said what the heck. Now back to those shoes, I tried them on again and found that the soles are now loose, the result of not using these shoes for so long.

I then remembered this shoe repairman and what he said about the shoes nowadays, they are just using these adhesives and not stitching the soles anymore to cut cost which results in higher profit for the shoe manufacturer. I only buy two brands of rubber shoes, Nike and Adidas and I have to say in terms of longevity, Adidas has my vote. Most of my Nike shoes whether I used them frequently or sparingly always have these soles come loose.

Calling on Nike I am open to test your shoes for free if you want to contest what I stated here.

Photo taken with a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ4.


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