Only words

Often times we hear the phrase “stick and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” I beg to disagree with this notion, probably if those words were randoms words put together but it is a totally different scenario when those words are pieced together to create a hurtful phrase or sentence.

Just like the words on the top photo, it doesn’t show all the words hence making it difficult to get the full context of these words painted on the floor of a museum. It would be a challenge to get the message of what these words would like to convey with only the few words that are visible. Though if you would try you might be able to deduce that it is about a man’s character, but it might not be the whole story or the message that the writings on the floor would like to impart.

What I am trying to say is words may not hurt on their own but when these words are put together with the intention to hurt another person’s feeling then it could. If words cannot hurt then why are there cases of cyber-bullying that can even push a person to commit suicide just to escape the hurtful words. Cyber bullying are very much present in social networks and people usually re-post or share these messages without verifying if these allegations are true.

So let us get real and admit that words can indeed hurt.

Photos taken at the Rizal Museum inside Fort Santiago in Intramuros, Manila using a Canon EOS 600D DSLR camera with 18-135mm kit lens.


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