More Phoneography

I was looking through some of the old photos I have on my hard drive and I found these shots that I have not published yet and all were taken using an iPhone 4S. I thought I should go ahead and share these photos after I got some great feedback from my other post about Phoneography.

The photo above was taken with the Olloclip wide-angle lens mounted on the iPhone so you could see there is some barreling on the photo. For some variation I shot this from a low-angle mounting my iPhone on a small tripod that I was using for my point-and-shoot camera, using an attachment called Sidekic to hold the phone.

This one was shot without the Olloclip lens just the back camera of the iPhone 4S.

I took this one almost lying on my back to get the angle that I want. People that were passing by was looking at me while I was taking shots with my iPhone mostly when I had it mounted on the tripod with the lens.

I feel that Phoneography is here to stay as more and more smartphones that are coming out have great built-in cameras plus attachments like the Olloclip lens system that lets you take photos usually done with DSLR cameras and other accessories to further enhance the photography experience.

I advice those who are interested in this type of photography to join groups who have the same interest as you can share photos with other members and get some tips and advice from them as well. In Facebook there are two groups that I am a member of, Phoneography and iPhoneograpy, the former is open to those who are into this kind of photography no matter what phone you use while the latter is more for iPhone users only.

If you know of other interest-groups who are into Phoneography, do share it by leaving a comment.

All photos were taken at Fort Santiago in Intramuros, Manila using an iPhone 4S.


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