Journey we take

In life we sometimes need to make a decision that we don’t know what the outcome could be. Whatever the reason maybe to take the risk, hats off to those who take that step even if it would result in failure.

A lot of people would not take that risk out of fear of the unknown, fearing that in the end it would result in failure. In making financial decision then I guess you can make a calculated decision as there are factors you can use to justify it but still there is that chance of not having a positive outcome. What about those decisions that involves the emotional facet of life? Decisions that involves matters of the heart?

It is totally different scenario as you don’t have numbers to based it on or do your calculations unlike in making a financial decision. These are the times that you need to make that decision no matter what the outcome might be. For failing to do so might leave you with the question, what if and you have a lifetime to think about it.

Photo taken at Fort Santiago in Intramuros, Manila using Canon EOS 600D with 18-135 mm lens kit.


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