Much needed vacation

After almost a decade of not having a vacation, I just had one recently compliments of my niece who came over from Spain to the Philippines for her own vacation. Had she not paid for it, I would still not have this much needed break.Honestly, I really can’t afford to go for a vacation as I really need to work long hours just to make ends meet. Though it has always been a dream of mine to go to beautiful places, especially those not really well known, and take photos and make some write-ups to share to the world. I wish someone would offer me a job like that, I don’t care what country or government or private entity as long as I can do this kind of work. I don’t even care about the salary/compensation as long as I can provide for my family’s basic needs.

So for this vacation we went to Boracay, my second time, though I was not able to take a lot of shots because it would suddenly rain and I was afraid that I might ruin my only DSLR camera which is still not paid for until now. Comparing it when I first went there which was also the last time I had a vacation, it is now rather commercialized and too crowded with hotels and other businesses. It was August so it is off-season and I just can’t imagine how crowded this place is during peak-season when the number of tourists are staggering.

Photo above is when we were leaving the island and I saw this guy outside the ferry that was taking us to Caticlan port standing on one of the bamboo poles and just having the wire to hold on to. Though I guess he is so used to this as he was one of those who handled our bags when we offloaded.

Anyone who will be reading this and is interested in giving me my dream job, let’s talk. Don’t worry I don’t need a huge pay, though there is only one requirement that I can’t live without but let’s talk about it offline.

Photo taken with Canon EOS 600D with 18-135mm kit lens.


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