Time passes by so quickly

How time passes by so quickly. It was not so long ago when I first posted a photo of my nephew here and look at him now, all grown up.

For the lack of a model, I have been using my nephew to practice portrait photography recently and he is a great model since he likes posing for the camera anyway, unlike his uncle who would rather be behind the camera. I am trying to learn taking portrait shots and like how I learn to take macro and landscape shots and that is going the hands-on way of learning. So having a nephew who likes to have his photo taken is helping me a lot and I get to have some bonding time with him as well. We usually do it before we hit the arcade where I let him play to his heart’s content and share a big meal right after the shoot.

Hopefully he won’t get tired of me using him as my model but until then I would be taking shots like these and enjoy the times we have together.

Photos taken with Canon EOS 600D with 18-135mm kit lens.


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