To the one I love

While I was with some of my friends these past weeks, forgot the exact date, one of them commented that the reason I am taking such beautiful photographs is that I am inspired and there is a special someone that inspires me. I didn’t made a comment then but I think it is about time I come clean.

If you have been a follower of this blog from the start or have read the old post, you will notice that there is a change from the usual theme when mostly it was dark and black & white landscape and street photography to what it is now where there are close-up shots of nature, mostly of flowers and most are bright and colorful. Indeed there is an inspiration for this sudden change in me, and there is a special someone out there who inspires me. I never felt this way before and I never loved anyone before her or will love after her, in this late stage of my life. Why I am so sure that she is the one? I have always had an eye for beauty, for what is beautiful though I may say only skin-deep, I never cared for what people always say the inner beauty. There is even one priest who during a counseling told me that I could never find true happiness if I don’t change. Well Father, I have changed not because of what you told me but because when I met my love, she changed me for the better and now I can appreciate what is truly beautiful.

My special someone, the love of my life, is not only beautiful on the outside but what made me love her more is the beauty that the eyes can’t see but the heart can feel.


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