It has been awhile since I posted something I took with my iPhone 4S on this blog, although I have been posting on Instagram and then sharing it on Facebook and Twitter.

This trend of taking shots not only with an iPhone but other smartphones as well and producing great photos is gaining ground and partnered it with mobile photo editing apps that can be used from the phone, the results are pretty much amazing. I actually put up a Facebook group, Phoneography, for the purpose of having a place where people can share photos they took with their smartphones, what apps they used and also share some tips. I took the photo above using my iPhone 4S with an olloclip lens kit using the macro lens to achieve this close-up shot.

The photo below I took inside the Manila South Cemetery using the wide angle lens of the olloclip to get the whole scene. I used the app Snapseed to add some flair into this photo and I highly recommend this app to anyone who would like to add something extra to their shots.


7 thoughts on “Phoneography”

      1. Agree. Having a lens system like olloclip also helps in achieving DSLR-type shots. It is only very recent that I got my 1st DSLR and I hopefully I can get some gigs to pay for it. 🙂

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