Taking a shot

Photography requires lots of patience to get that perfect shot as I have learned this past months that I delved into photography. Most of the time you have to stay in one place and let the shot come to you, as it materialized into your focus. Here is one example showing my friend, also a photo hobbyist like me, taking his time to capture a shot which he thinks would be great.

I guess having great patience is one attribute that each of us should have or develop and apply in life. Though this I admit might be difficult and much easier said that done but if only all of us would practice it then there would be less hate in this world. I admit that I was once a hot-tempered guy who easily get mad but getting into photography changed all that as I realized that I need to be patient as I cannot always get the shot I want.

Shot with a Canon EOS 600D with 18-135mm kit lens.


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