Public performance

I always take my hat off to people who has the nerve to perform in public as I would rather be in the background or in the audience. I don’t like to even think of a world where there would be no public performance such as shown in the photo.

I have always like the arts and is one of my favorite subject in grade and high school. I thought of taking up Fine Arts in College but was held back by my parents who would be shouldering my college expenses. I went into Engineering but still the call of the arts was still there. I guess one of my ways to release my creativity was to do some paintings on the walls of my room.

After college I got to work for a company where I can apply what I studied in college, but I never lost touch with my passion for the arts. I did some graphic and web design on the side, all of which I taught myself, and after quitting my regular job I went into full-time freelance web design.

Now I am starting with photography, putting up this blog so I can share my works with the world.

Photo taken at Our Lady of Perpetual Help National Shrine with a Canon EOS 600D 18-135mm kit lens.


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