How you look at it

How You LooK At ItJust like the title of this post, we have different ways of perceiving situations that is happening to us or to someone we know. Just like this photo, focus is on the background, but could might have well be the foreground.

There is this saying “to each his own” which I guess aptly applies to this topic. For me I follow the mantra to go for where I would be really happy, never mind if a lot of people would disagree. You really can’t please everyone and if you would try to please them all, you would end up miserable and unhappy. That is what happened to me.

Recent events made me realize that what I perceived as happiness was not true happiness. True happiness cannot be found in the comforts of life and I would pick living without it as long as I have true happiness.

Photo taken with Canon EOS 600D with 18-135mm lens.


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