Setting sun on pier

I don’t know if this pier is still being used for the ferry to Orion, Bataan but I think it is no longer operational. I might be wrong but I didn’t see any ticketing office nearby and there was just a lone security guard probably to keep it secure.

I had plans to use this service before when it was first introduced but hadn’t had the time to do it. They say there is really nothing to see in Orion, not really a tourist destination. Well I didn’t had a chance to see it for myself and I got no plans of doing so in the near future. I didn’t had time to do it then when there was a ferry servicing the island and the trip was just 45 minutes and it just cost 300 pesos , I don’t see me doing it now that I have to take a long bus trip to get there.

I guess this is just another poorly planned venture. They should have first marketed the island, generate tourist interest before offering this service to the public. That is just my opinion.

Photo taken near the SM Mall of Asia with Canon EOS 600D 18-135 kit lens.


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