Children reminds us

I usually take my nephew out on Sundays either to the mall or the park and I always have a great time, tiring but great. I just can’t keep up with his almost endless supply of energy. Apart from the exercise I get chasing him, it reminds me of those times when I was just like him running around with no worries in mind.Children reminds us of how life was back then when we were a child, when all we care about was what is the next game to play, what toy we want to have, what time is our favorite cartoon series would be on. It was so simple.

I may not be a parent myself but all I can say to parents is let your kids enjoy this short period of innocence that life affords them. Let them do what they enjoy most as long as it is safe and meaningful and don’t forget to enjoy it with them.

Photo taken at Legaspi Active Park with Canon EOS 600D 18-135 kit lens.


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