Adjusting to the times

Where to sendOn a recent trip to the post office, which I had not done for a long time, I was taken aback at the number of people doing business there. Far from how it was in the past, now you can count with your hands the volume of people making transactions with the post office personnel. How times have changed.

Credit this to the advancement of technology, it is very rare nowadays to see anyone mailing a letter, replaced by email and short message system (SMS) or popularly known as text messaging. Not only does these methods offers convenience, it is less expensive and results are instantaneous. I guess most of those who do business with the postal system are those sending and receiving parcels and the government.

Inside Makati Central Post OfficeAs I woke up this morning, AP News app flashed on my phone that 27,000 people will loose their jobs at HP. This is not unique to HP or to the technology sector as manufacturing has also been hit by the downsizing of manpower.

In these hard times it is often advised that keeping yourself updated to the latest technology and adjusting to what your company needs is one way to keep that job.

Photo taken at Makati Central Post Office using iPhone 4S.


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