Dawning of a new day

Morning Has BrokenThat is what every rising of the sun offers us – a new day, a fresh start, probably a new set of possibilities. I had a chat with a close friend yesterday and we talked about this new interest that I had in photography. Just like a lot of my friends he was as surprised that photos appearing here are my shots, I can’t blame them for I can’t even believe it myself that I am producing quality or interesting photos. All I ever wanted to do when I put up this photo blog was to let my friends who are now residing in other countries see the Philippines, particularly Metro Manila as it is now.

As it is I have been getting some kind words from those who had visited this site and viewed and appreciated the photos, some even putting in words of encouragement for me to pursue photography. I also liked knowing that besides the photos, some appreciate these short stories that goes with it. One comment that I greatly appreciated was the one that came from my high school principal, a man I greatly respected and who gave me the opportunity to study in the school I always wanted to go to, Don Bosco Technical College.

So just like how the sun ushers in a new day, hopefully this new found interest in photography would also do the same.


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