It has been a while

Morning Activities in a park

I was during this past few weeks been thinking how I would be able to finally get myself a DSLR camera. It was nothing superficial since I was doing fine with my iPhone 4S and my olloclip lens system but someone wanted to get my services for a project their company and since it would be for print they require RAW file and of course high-resolution photo. I would consider myself at that time to be between a rock and a hard place.

I had two options, first is that if I don’t accept the project it could be a lost opportunity for me to what might blossom as another career and open new doors but I have to buy the camera which I cannot afford. Second is that if I accept the project and since I can’t afford to buy the camera I would need to find someone willing to lend me the money.

I picked the second option so that left me with the task of finding someone willing to lend me the amount I need. I tried my friends and relatives, none of whom are rich and most just had their kids enrolled for the coming school year, result was a big zero.

Out of the blue, someone who will always be special to me offered her help and lend me her hard-earned cash so I can go and buy the camera that I need for the project. Now I need to go and learn this camera which is a different beast compared with the iPhone.

Photo taken at Legaspi Active Park in Makati City with Canon 600D 18-135 kit lens.


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