The big reveal


A couple of weeks ago I mentioned in one of my post this amazing accessory for use with an iPhone 4/4S and finally I received it yesterday and the photo above was the first shot I took with it. It is the same as the photo of my previous post but only daytime.

So as not to prolong the suspense the gadget or more accurately the lens system is called olloclip. It is a 3 lens system – wide-angle, fisheye, and macro – that attaches to the rear camera lens of the iPhone. Since I only have my point-and-shoot and iPhone to take photos and sometimes I don’t have a camera with me when I see a great scene to capture having the olloclip lens system in my pocket is very convenient.

If you want to take better landscape shots having a wide angle lens is a requirement. Now those who want to take great close-up shots you would be needing a macro lens. If you want to capture a coliseum in one shot, fisheye lens would be the one. All of this lenses you can get from olloclip without the high cost and inconvenience of having all those large lenses. The olloclip fits in your pocket and it has this cute pouch that goes with it.

So from here on out I would be posting photos using the olloclip lens system not only here but on Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest and on Facebook groups I belong to.


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