From the top


I took this photo using an iPhone from atop a roof deck which it illustrates the different facets of Makati. While the foreground shows the residential part, the background show the business or financial part of the city. You could clearly see that even at almost midnight, the time I took this photo, there are people still on the street and lights are still shining bright in the Central Business District (CBD). Before the boom of the business process outsourcing sector and call-centers, the CBD is like a ghost town at night.

For someone who have lived in Makati most of his life, I can say the CBD was not that crowded and when I was young, we of the less-fortunate part of society would go out in groups and pick out from the trash of office buildings empty cartons of cigarettes which we would fold up and use in games we play. Most of the times security guards of those buildings would chase us and we had to climbed walls just to escape. Those were the days.

Photo taken from a roof deck in Makati.


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