A month has passed

at the eastwood cityYes a month had indeed passed since I started Retrato Manila, a photo blog that seeks to provide an alternative view of places I have been to in Metro Manila. Setting out with no background in photography, a point-and-shoot camera and an iPhone 4S, I started taking photos of places what I think would satisfy the objective. Apparently I take good or great shots coming from those who gave their feedback. I never set out to make great shots, only to take these photos and share them to those who had not been to the Philippines, or had not set foot in this country for a long time.

You may had noticed that Retrato Manila now has its own domain name, retratomanila.com. After some penny-pinching, I was able to pull in the amount to buy the domain from WordPress.com. I thought I should buy the domain as I was getting complaints that the domain is either to long (wordpress.retratomanila.com) or it is being blocked by system administrations as WordPress.com is lumped into the same category as Facebook and Twitter, social networks.

This blog will continue to share photos taken of places in Metro Manila, as I try to explore more places as my schedule will allow me.

Photo taken along Paseo de Roxas underpass.


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