Shining through

What caught your attention first when you saw this photo? Was it the light shining through the tree or was it the tree was trying to block the sunlight? You attention might also have been drawn by the illusion of the tree blocking the path across the bridge.

Just like in life when presented with a situation there are different ways of looking, appreciating and approaching it. Each of us has a different way of seeing things, of how we view life. Major problems may happen in your life but if you think about it there might be others who are presented with much deeper problems. Loosing a job may be seen by others as the end of a career but it might also be life’s way of showing you a better opportunity. An unpleasant superior may be seen as blocking your path towards your goal but probably you could look at it as part of training yourself to be more disciplined and patient.

Probably you just need to look a little closer.

Photo taken at Washington Sycip Park.


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