Keep the faith

Filipinos are known for their faith, being the largest Catholic country in South East Asia and one of the largest in Asia if I am not mistaken. I took this photo when there was a Mass being held, if not then I can’t go this near due to large crowd trying to touch the statue of Jesus. On first Wednesdays of each month, crowd number doubles than on other Wednesdays and probably triples on other days.

Most other religions wouldn’t agree with this practice of faith by the Filipino Catholics but in my opinion it doesn’t matter what religion you belong to as long as that religion would make you a good and better person. Though most practices by Filipino Catholics are mixtures of local tradition and Church teachings and there are even practices that the Church does not promote and even discourage but tradition still plays heavily on Filipino Catholics.

Whenever I go here I see a lot of people praying so hard sometimes crying and I thought maybe they are in very difficult situations and in dire need of help that they see only God can help them. It only shows that their faith is really strong but I also hope that those who are saying prayer of thanks outnumbers those who are seeking divine help.

Photo taken at Our Lady of Perpetual Help National Shrine


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